Mobile resellers have been gaining huge popularity over the last few years due to their low cost and generous inclusions. The networks have made a move from 3G to 4G and this change has required that the resellers try to keep up or become inferior.

Amaysim has a large number of customers and is in fact, the most popular reseller of the Optus network. For a long period of time, Amaysim has been pretty quiet about when they were intending to resell the 4G Optus network.

This has finally been announced however, with Amaysim planning an April launch date of their prepaid 4G service. Optus has renewed it's agreement with Amaysim, allowing them to resell the 4G network.

What customers will be most interested in is whether prices will rise as a result and if customers are forced to take up the 4G network. An Amaysim Coupon may help customers try to new network.

Prices have risen slightly over the past few months so customers are hoping that not much will change on t he pricing front.

One of the popular tourist destinations for people visiting the Mid Atlantic area of USA is the city of Baltimore.

Baltimore has intriguing and interesting history which began with the legendary Battle Of Baltimore where the British invaders dropped bombs on Fort McHenry in 1812. The city now has a population which consists of a large number of African Americans. This has arisen from the fact that many African's were brought to the area as slaves.

This high concentration of slaves meant that the city was also home to much of the civil rights movements that occurred during the revolution. This history means that a lot of the things to see and do there revolve around the civil rights movements and the plight of African Americans.

Some interesting things to see include the Wax Museum, Baltimore Harbor, Inner Harbour and Fort McHenry.

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